Who We Are

AKIJ Group, a privately-held company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is one of the leading industrial groups now in Bangladesh. Initially started with trading business in a humble way in early 1940 by Sheikh Akij Uddin. Under his dynamic leadership today it has 40 big industrial and commercial units under one fold such as Jute, Leather, Textile, Tobacco, Motors, CNG station, Securities, Hand-made Cigarettes called Biri, Safety Matches, Hard Board & Particles, Food & Beverage, Cement, Ceramics, Real Estate, Printing & Packaging, Computer Hardware and software, Ride sharing etc. Today, Akij Group has earned the credibility to become a leading foreign exchange earner in the country for which the group was awarded the 'Export Trophy 2003 to till now' by the government. Around 1,00000 staff and officers in different categories are working in this group. Our contribution to the government annual budget is almost 3%, which we pay through Govt. taxes, surcharges etc. Apart from the leading involvement in national business arena, Akij Group is also contributing large-scale social services through Charitable Hospital, Orphanage and Schools. Akij Online Ltd. provides one stop automated solution for your trade and industry. Depending on the size and field of your organization, we have different products and services to meet your requirements. Though we’ve In-house Complete ERP Solution but we provide the optimum and customized solutions made for your organization whatever you need. We, with a background of success in other businesses and with a view to develop IT sector in Bangladesh got involved in IT in 1997, initially with Hardware, ISP and Software in the name and style of “AKIJ ONLINE LTD.” We began its business operation as a hardware, networking & ISP solutions provider company in April 2001.

Our IT wings are divided into three companies

1. AKIJ COMPUTER LTD. encompasses 3 separate areas of the IT industry; System Integration, Hardware & Network Development & Design Services.
2. AKIJ INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY started with a view to provide a High Quality, International standard IT Education to make a digital Bangladesh mission.
3. AKIJ ONLINE LTD. is an Internet/Application Service Provider as well as ISP Equipment Provider. We have services in all divisional towns and major cities of the country. Now we’ve developed in-house ERP software which will meet of your business all type of transaction in automated system with 100% paperless.
Today we have taken all of our products & services to all the divisional towns and major cities in Bangladesh through our own full-fledged branch offices. Highly skilled technological personnel operate all of our branch offices to that our clients never turn round for the all kinds of above solutions. In fact in the field of Information Technology, AKIJ is "ONE STOP IT SOLUTIONS PROVIDER" as it carries Hardware, Software. (e-Commerce) and Computer Education under the same roof. Now we are focusing exclusively in high quality and cost-effective software development and implementation of services. We are advance on industrial sectors as well small businesses. Now we’re ready to provide support with ERP and others solution as per customer’s need for any types of business.

We don't just write code !!!

We develop professional software. This is why our clients choose Akij Online Ltd. Many companies can find programmers to generate code. However, few have the experience to produce professional quality software. Our ability to develop code is only the beginning of our capabilities. Being a “custom” firm, Akij Online Ltd is able to provide our clients with a variety of services. A few of the services available from Akij Online Ltd includes:
System Architecture and Design
Project Management
IT Support and Network Administration
Testing and Quality Assurance
Feasibility Studies
Technical Documentation, Training and Industrial industries consultancy like Machine wise hands setup, Wastage control & process loss, machine wise productivity calculation, Cost analysis and count wise costing documentation etc. Akij Online Ltd services are available on both a fixed and variable cost basis.

Partnerships …

Our goal at Akij Online Ltd Software is to become our client's first choice for software services. To accomplish this, we strive to exceed our client's expectations. Akij Online Ltd clients cannot simply be satisfied with the job we do they must be impressed. In this manner, Akij Online Ltd strives to builds a long lasting partnership and ensures client satisfaction. It is upon this foundation that our clients are confident in returning for future development needs.

Experience …

Providing quality software services begins with 10 year's experience in Industrial industries and Bus Management ERP Software. Akij Online Ltd Software professionals have years of experience in design, development, and testing of software projects. It is this experience, along with our dedication to giving clients the best quality service possible, which sets Akij Online Ltd apart from other firms.

A Proven Track Record …

Akij Online Ltd Software has a proven track record of providing high quality, custom software and project management services. Our client list includes some repudiated USA & Canadian based company and as well as world largest Industrial yarn mill in Bangladesh. Our experience is broad and spans the complete software development cycle.

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WHY Akij Online Ltd Different

• 9+ Years of world largest Industrial Experience

• 14+ Years of IT Experience

• We know how to implement software in easiest way

• We can make effective policy in every section of your industries

• WEB based solution

• Intellectual Property Rights protection

• Approach to build long term relationship

• Global exposure and diverse expertise

• Proper Hierarchy & Escalation path

• Expertise on diverse technologies & domains

Dynamic Experience ...

As a custom software development firm, Akij Online Ltd Software has amassed an impressive resume of projects. It’s the custom nature of our development projects that has enabled Akij Online Ltd to acquire vast experience in many diverse areas of software development. Our experience, in conjunction with our quality personnel, enables Akij Online Ltd to be dynamic enough to tackle almost any software development project but special we're only one experience in industries area. Akij Online Ltd has a proud history of utilizing experience to provide our clients with the best services possible. This difficult task is accomplished by applying experienced personnel to every project. Akij Online Ltd was founded on the principle of gathering an elite group of software engineers and professionals, and leveraging their collective abilities. Naturally, each of these "producers" brings their own particular specialization and experience to the table. Once they join the Akij Online Ltd team, we cross-train our consultants to diversify and increase their overall skills. The result for our clients is a group of individuals that can genuinely contribute and have a positive impact on development projects.

Areas of Expertise ...

Akij Online Ltd has experience in many different aspects of the development process. Because we are a custom firm, there are no limits on what projects we can undertake. It is this ability that has enabled Akij Online Ltd to accumulate experience in so many diverse areas. A few of these include:

✓ 10 + experience industries (ERP) Software analysis, development, implement, service and continuous development with a big MIS team at world largest industries.

✓ Web Development (Internet/Intranet)

✓ 7+ experience in Online ticketing system management ERP software.

✓ 10+ experience in Accounts and Inventory software with a FCA profession. Domain expert of Akij Online Ltd.

✓ Web-Enabling Applications

✓ Point-of-Sale and General Business Services Applications

✓ System Architecture and Implementation

✓ Client/Server Applications and Distributed Systems

✓ Systems Integration

✓ Project Management Consulting

✓ Machine wise hands setup for any kinds of factory

✓ Wastage control & process loss

✓ Machine wish productivity calculation

✓ Cost analysis and count wise costing documentation etc.

✓ Our services are available on both a fixed and variable cost basis.

✓ Technical Documentation and Training

No matter what your industrial development challenge, Akij Online Ltd consultants are a valuable resource.

Languages, Platforms, and Tools …

The following lists just a few of the languages, platforms, and tools with which we have experience:

•Web Technologies: HTML/CSS over NodeJs, Nginx, Apache, Jetty.

•Programming Languages: PHP, Python, Java, JS.

•Database Engines: MS-SQL, MySQL Enterprise Edition, MongoDB, Redis.

•Platforms (OS): Windows 7/2012/2018, UNIX-Like (Linux RedHat)

•Communications: RJ45, Serial-COM, RS-232, USB and more.

•Networking: Wireless, LANs/WANs, TCP/IP, Windows Networking, DNS, VPNs, VNC, and more.

Web Experience ...

Although Windows and Web development share many common traits (GUI design, backend database hooks, etc.), there are also many significant differences in the underlying application architectures that one must fully understand to create a successful Web-based application. Over the years Akij Online Ltd. has gained this type of experience through our projects in both the Windows and Linux environments. Akij Online Ltd. has web-enabled existing applications, developed numerous web-based systems, utilized various backend databases and setup/administered: Web servers, FTP sites. The web development market is a fast-paced environment where technology is always changing. We stay abreast of the latest changes in tools and languages including JSON, XML and others.

Available Service ...

Akij Online Ltd Software provides its clients with a wide range of services spanning the entire development process. Clients can utilize Akij Online Ltd for the entire development cycle or only for selected portions that require additional support and consultation. Our services are available on an hourly or project basis. At Akij Online Ltd., we draw upon our vast experience to provide our customers with the best possible services. As a custom software development firm, there are no limits on what projects we can undertake. However, most software development efforts require the same basic types of services.
Some of the common services available from Akij Online Ltd includes:

System Architecture and Design ...

Design is often the most critical phase of any software development effort. In many cases, the quality of the finished software is directly proportional to the quality of the initial design.

Software Development ...

The key to quality development is sharp people with a well-thought-out plan. Good organization allows developers to modularize the development process. This results in rapid implementation of a system that can be easily tested and expanded for future versions. Akij Online Ltd. provides a highly qualified high profile and experienced technical staff with years of software development experience.

Project Management ...

Akij Online Ltd. clients often require additional consultancy and managerial support to supplement their in-house development efforts. AKIJ ONLINE LTD. is uniquely qualified to provide this vital support. The professionals at Akij Online Ltd. Have worked on countless software development efforts, and as a result are well equipped to quickly anticipate and address problem areas on a given project. Akij Online Ltd. can serve as troubleshooters or, if need be, assume management of an entire project.

IT Support & Server/Network Administration ...

Akij Online Ltd. has IT network professionals familiar with all types of heterogeneous networks. Clients have utilized our services to design, install, and manage their network systems.

Complete Turnkey Systems ...

Complete, integrated systems are no problem for Akij Online Ltd. Integrating hardware and software to form a new automated system is a classic utilization of Akij Online Ltd.’s resources. Akij Online Ltd. has negotiated discount hardware reseller agreements with Network Appliance Computer Services to help provide our clients with a low-cost source for their hardware needs. No matter what your hardware needs are, from massive file servers down to desktop PCs Akij Online Ltd. can get it for you and often for less than buying it direct.

Testing & Quality Assurance ...

With our experience in the software development field, Akij Online Ltd. can provide an extremely valuable third-party perspective, when brought in to test/QA another vendor’s software. System testing is fundamental to the quality of any software. Although many developers take short-cuts and settle for only testing their software during development (Alpha-Testing), we at Akij Online Ltd. always encourage our clients to include a distinct testing phase to any software project. This testing phase allows the system to be tested as a completed unit, and is usually done by someone other than the developer. In this manner, additional user feedback on the functionality and usability of the software can be integrated prior to initial release Completion of the testing phase is accomplished through preliminary use by actual end users of the software in the real world conditions of the client's site (Beta-Testing).

Feasibility Studies ...

Prior to committing substantial resources to a given project, often clients want to obtain more data on the obstacles related to successfully completing the project. Akij Online Ltd. Team members have experience serving in this “recon” type role. They can quickly and efficiently identify the primary and secondary “hot spots”, then prepare a Feasibility Report for the client. This report contains a ranked list of all the technical, logistical, and managerial problems associated with the proposed project. In addition, it provides preliminary estimates for cost and time.

Technical Documentation & Training Services ...

Akij Online Ltd. Consultants have developed numerous user manuals, reference guides, and introductory training materials to accompany our custom software over the years. This experience has provided us with the ability to quickly generate production quality documents. Rather than hiring technical writers (who are often unfamiliar with the underlying technology) to extract information from developers, many of our clients simply have Akij Online Ltd. Develop the supporting materials. Akij Online Ltd. consultants have become so good at this in fact, that many clients have engaged Akij Online Ltd. For the sole purpose of creating technical documentation and complete training programs.


Membership: Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)

Team Members

S/L Desgination Personnel
1 Managing Director 1
2 General Manager 1
3 CFO 1
4 System Analyst 1
5 System Support & Network Engineer 2
6 Network Engineer 1
7 Hardware Engineer 1
8 Programmer 1
9 Network & Server Support 1
10 AutoCAD Designer 1
11 Manager - Marketing 1
12 Executive - Marketing & Sales 6
13 Web Designer 3
14 Executive Ad & Creative 2
15 Executive - ERP Support 5
16 Industrial - System Analyst 1
17 Manager Admin & HR 1
18 Senior Officer Admin & HR 1
19 Senior Officer Accounts 1
20 Accounts Executive 3
21 Receptionist 1
22 Office Assistant 1
23 Driver 5
Total 49