Kormee(Recruiting Solution)
Kormee (Recruiting Solution Provider) is a common network place, which is working like a bridge of communication between intelligences and opportunities. The network is only limited within the Bangladesh but also America, Europe, and Japan are our market place. Kormee is fully internationalized application. Currently English language is supported.

The success of a company depends on how expert resource they can hire for appropriate position. A company can't expect productive working environment without having appropriate, talent and active resources. Meanwhile this is also true that, finding appropriate candidates at time is also difficult. So why not drop at least 40% cost, time and risk of HR department of your organization and let recruiting expert network like Kormee to handle the thing and to be done. Because we have powerful, secure, match user friendly and full balanced web application like Kormee to provide recruiting solution. Our world-class product and a pool of expert professionals proved success to figure-out appropriate candidates for your company.

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